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1. Introductory remarks and concepts 130 kB 375 kB
2. Fields of rest-motion (a case of harmonic oscillations of a material point)   93 kB 180 kB
3. The structure of levels of rest-motion energy 133 kB 204 kB
4. Description of a system of material points   74 kB 160 kB
5. Laws of conservation-non-conservation of exchange   89 kB 174 kB
6. Kinematics-dynamics of rotational rest-motion of a material point   92 kB 164 kB
7. Kinematics-dynamics of non-uniform circular motion-rest   70 kB 153 kB
8. Rest-motion at moving in a spiral 144 kB 212 kB
9. Kinematic-dynamic exchange (critical analysis of the third law of Newton)   78 kB 179 kB
10. Kinematic-dynamic exchange of a system with environment. Charges of an exchange 116 kB 235 kB
11. Generalized exchange and laws of conservation-non-conservation   93 kB 197 kB
12. Material-ideal time 109 kB 196 kB
13. An information exchange 115 kB 205 kB
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