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With its outstanding achievements in exact sciences, especially physics, the 20th century will rightfully take a special place in the history of human kind. However, at present physics increasingly lags behind general progress, raising serious doubts about some of its basic concepts. To some extent, this is also true of mathematics. Therefore, it seems to be necessary to revise the basic axioms of physics and mathematics and to analyze them from the general standpoint of Dialectics (Dialectical Logic and Dialectical Philosophy).

For the first time in science the bases mathematical dialectics with the application to fundamental questions of physics and mathematics are stated on the basis of a dialectical binary numerical wave field, which opportunities considerably surpass existing traditional mathematical methods.

Articles are designed for professionals natural and social sciences, teachers of high schools, and also on students looking in the future, and can serve as the manual on dialectics, physics and mathematics in system of higher education.

All subsequent articles are written in language of dialectics and a dialectical binary numerical wave field, and assume knowledge of articles published here: Issue [B-01] - MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION OF THE MAIN CATEGORIES OF DIALECTICAL PHILOSOPHY AND LOGIC .

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